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    2012 - 06.12

    It’s been like, 3 years now? WTF guys, you’re supposed to be on this shit! Didn’t hundreds of people say they were going to “link up their compies” and bruteforce the key? Whatever happened to that? Oh ya, forgot, they were all scrubs dreaming their scrubby fantasies.

    /trololololol I’m bored

    F**k JTAG Douches :D <3

    2010 - 09.08

    I luv them <3 (PAX podcast of the Xbox Live Enforcement Team)

    Miss the Old Modding Days

    2010 - 06.16

    The Pre Era

    Just for a note, this is about Xbox modding but I have to give shouts to the actual starting of my gaming experience with the N64, I have old skool adolescent memories:
    Donkey Kong 64
    Diddy Kong Racing
    007: Golden Eye
    Perfect Dark
    Banjo Kazooie + Tooie
    Zelda Ocarina of Time + Majoras Mask
    Super Smash Bros


    I was talking to my friend the other day and it really got me thinking… of how awesome Halo 1 and 2 days were, they pretty much defined my gaming experience. Modding aside atm, Halo was mostly played with my bro and friend across the street, we always played that one snow level and constantly drove the warthogs around and did tricks, had firework shows with unlim grenades, I was like, in liek, 7th grade. Then 2 years or so later, Halo 2 came out. Man, I had so many lan parties for birthdays and sleep overs and stuff… thought I was the toughest shit around… until I got high speed internet and Xbox Live my… freshman year of high school :3 That’s when I first realized… I sucked ass at Halo and got my ass handed to me. That led to hours of play for clan wars, pro snipers and slayer battles (where all weapons didn’t kill you in 5 shots *coughGaylo3cough*), it was hard as hell to get high levels (you were considered pro if you got 30 – 35, anything above that you HAD to be MLG legends or cheaters… even while cheating that was hard as fuck >.<), as well as glitching. I didn't glitch a lot on match making, but LOVED spending hours just glitching outside of maps with friends and super jumps and shit. NOT TO MENTION the BEST gametypes ever: zombies, tremors on coagulation, and tower of power on ascension.

    My Roots

    This is also where my modding history started. Anyone could mod the original Xbox if they had Action Replay and 1 of 3 games (if i remember right, 007: agent under fire, mechassault, or splintercell somethingerother… somehow I had 007 and action replay… before I knew about modding… it was meant to be XD). First time I found out about modding was when I was faced against a modder on that one long snow level on H2… forget the name, it was that S shaped valley one wif the 2 humungo bases and outside the map was really bright snow. Anyways, I managed to mod my Xbox and loved it and modding my first H2 map… didn’t know I would get banned… mom got pissed she had to buy another Xbox live acct cause i was banned >.< For the next year and half I was absorbed into H2, from glitching to matchmaking (snipers i played constantly <3) to those awesome games to lan parties to modding, I had the best time. My old glitching youtube is this (NOTE: abandoned youtube account) CLICK ME Also, I loved the classic Halo 2 Machinima, like GMCDOP (click me) for example <3

    Also, if you know anything about my personal life, freshman year onto jr year I was having home life issues… abusive chaos in the house because my parents found out I was a gay furry… I went through… some stuff I wouldn’t want anyone else to even think of having happen to them… ya, I used Xbox to get away from it all, it… displaced me from the chaos while enjoying the fun times Xbox gave to me… which is prolly why it had such an influence.

    Disc modding was easy as hell, you could flash the drive or disc swap (i always disc swapped x3), but i do remember before i knew about disc swapping, I butterknifed my xbox… er stuck a butterknife in my disc tray while it was closed so i stopped the disc to prevent halo 2 from loading an old map (I could only mod the maps on the hdd at the time XD). I think i have the first H2 disc that got all scratched up from doing that somewhere in my room. The modding community was at it’s finest, everyone had their own modding website, even though there were like 4-5 main ones (7sins (the douchy site that banned me), halo strike (gone), h2mod (now h3mod), blood4hire (i think still running but abandoned), halomods (i dunno wut happened to them), and brutehalo (stupid guy took over the site and killed the site)). They all really fought for popularity rather than modding tools themselves because all modding tools were practically open source and free, none of this charging bullshit. People wanted vip from websites which basically only offered warez, i think a few special halo/xbox tutorials. Yes, I had my own website, canyousaymodz, I really wish it was still up so i could visit the old times but the free hosting company i had it on went away when i tried to look for it. It’s actually funny because I didn’t learn programming until the next year and I thought I was the shit cause I knew how to use Halo 2 programs well… I needed to get over myself XDDD. There were very few people or “teams” with “names” in the Xbox modding community, which was better because we were acting as a community rather than a selective group.

    Recent Past to Current

    Now when Halo 3 came out… it produced good and bad things I guess. I mean, Halo 3 had it’s epicness, I mean, I had to stop modding cause… there wasn’t 360 modding at all. For about a year and a half, the modding community was at a stand still. But, I was able to connect with a lot of furries then, I finally got enough courage to socialize with other furs after my insulting abuse from the family. I had Halo 3 furry game days and lots of Halo 3 match making pwnage… annnd I was the one who figured out how to bridge and standby in Halo 3 which generated traffic for 7fagsins cause krafty jacked the tutorial and put a sticky on it. Those were it’s up and downs before modding. It was about Jr year when I started to learn about programming, people had a “secret” Container Resigner (CON Signer) and few had rehashers that did anything of value. Summer of ’08 I believe is when Derived leaked the first public con resigner (I still have that and the source, probably a collectors item now XD). A good friend of mine (we’ll just call him Ven or Venomous) got me into modding the 360 era. I started researching and advancing far past what a lot of people started to comprehend.

    My first ever program could mod Halo 3 screenshots, mod descriptions of all H3 content, and could rehash (improperly x3) them. Wasn’t that big of an app… but it led me on to greater things. I was the first to have a semi proper STFS rehasher… at least first publicly, there might have been some under the table from ancient legends but whatev, I figured it out that you had to look at the byte in the hash entry to see which table was used. I had a working conceptual program before supermodder, detox, blahblahblah, anyone you want to name. That was only a few days before supermodder figured it out and his (original) Hash Block Calculator was created. I had the first “Live to Con” program (which in reality, copied each data block and each hash table into another file in the format of the basic “type 0″ STFS (the CON type)… little did I know was later told you simply just have to sign a Live file as a CON and it would work XDDDDD

    My Name

    So basically, what made my name known is the infamous Le Fluffie and X360 library. I started it… 2.5 years ago, it was the winter after the summer when Derived released the the resigner. I gave it a gay ass name, it was like, Exbawks Kernel or something like that and I was trying to imitate the GUI of the pre-NXE Xbox Dashboard. For a year it was on and off development of the library, learning more as I went along until the next winter when I released it.


    Final summary, the old Halo 2 days filled lots of memories that I cherish and the modding community was a community. Now, it’s whoever can make a better AIO program that mods multiple games that every other program mods, who has a “name,” who can make money the fastest off the community, stupidness.

    Enough Wif the AIO’s

    2010 - 05.23

    Do people honestly have no other skill than to program “Process.Start(anActualSkilledPersonsApp.exe)” ORRR all the stupid profile/same game modder programs as other AIO multi modders aka Le Fluffie/Horizon/Vahallah/(dog forbid)Modio wanna-be’s? I mean really, can you do something for the community and make something that HASN’T been produced yet?

    My FIRST program was a program that modded Halo 3 screenshots and films, I believe it hashed the file too. Though the code was improper, it was done on my research and unlike others, few people had the knowledge for it was back in ’08.

    If a furfag can do it, so can you. Stop making damn excuses liek, “ooooh, I’m a beginner,” so what? So was I, and look at the first program I produced.

    Nubz Will Get Banned

    2010 - 02.08

    There is no such program out there that will “protect” your profile that simply opens your profile up. The ID’s inside the STFS meta data are references for the Xbox to secure packages to one profile/device to another. The console ID is simply a record and not used for anything. Microsoft has no access to the meta data of the STFS package, but always has access to your XUID and Console ID connected to LIVE. Your Xbox is constantly connecting to XBL servers and is always sending them your Console ID. Your profile ID is just used on your Xbox, but your XUID (Xbox User ID in the account block) is constant and cannot be changed, which is also always communicating to Xbox Live services. So it is impossible to have a “stealth” or “protected” profile. If you get reported, the report goes against the profile linked to the XUID stored on the servers (does not affect the Console, only the profile).

    Banning by GS Mods

    2010 - 01.18

    I see a lot of stupid people who don’t know crap talk about stupid “ways” not to get banned, like “stay logged in for 20 mins,” or “rehash/resign 3 times,” or even “delete profile and recover.” No. Those will do nothing. Here’s the ways MS will catch you if you GS hack:
    *Threshold breaking – a threshold is a point that when hit or passed, a flag is thrown. For example, a threshold for GS hacking could be 100k in a small time frame (not an official threshold, this is an example). If someone unlocked 100k in 2 minutes, MS would be notified and thus inspected. This is debatable because I haven’t personally seen this as well as they would have to make a way to determine if the user logged in for the first time in a long while or just a short period of time, and maybe they did legitly get it because they were uber and have no life? I don’t know, it would be a safe assumption to say MS does have a threshold, although you don’t know for sure.
    *Correct modding – a big thing is the formatting and modding of the profile. Profile editor does things simply terrible and doesn’t function exactly like the Xbox, so MS could easily read the profile and see what is going on. If something is out of line, a flag could be thrown.
    *Impossible achievements – For example, unlocking the Halo 3 map pack achievements back before the map pack was released… self explanatory there…

    Breaking the myths:
    *Signing in time – doesn’t do shit, it syncs it to the server all the same
    *Delete profile and recover – if modded correctly, won’t do shit, you’d just be redownloading the same data that was in your profile to begin wif.
    *Rehash/Resign multiple times – doesn’t do shit, the only thing the hash and signature structure is used in STFS is to validate the package, so you would just be overwriting the same data over and over and over again.

    One thing that I see people saying that would be a good technique is timestamping your achievements evenly to look legit. Good technique, but won’t do that much unless MS looks into your profile a little bit more. As well as unlocking online achievements online and anything else offline :3

    Personally, I’ve modded a couple of my friends gamerscore to 54k each, and they haven’t been banned, mainly because I follow the timestamps as well as Le Fluffie does everything exactly like the Xbox.

    Uber HackerZ

    2010 - 01.07

    Omg… just… LAWL

    and just slightly off this topic is LAWLable

    Homebrew Bans

    2009 - 12.28


    I guess it’s just a thought, but I don’t think a stealth is impossible.  For anything to be detected, there has to be a process to detect it.  Just like any executable work arounds, I say follow the Kernel’s functions, learn about it, see how it checks on the system and how MS discovers modifications, then dummy the function to always say everything is stock valid.

    I dunno, just a thought… anyone have any insight?

    360 Premium Themes

    2009 - 12.25

    Friggen people don’t know what the details are about Premium Xbox Themes.  When Microsoft decided to design the use of Premium Themes, they took modification in the community into consideration.  When a theme is created, it will read the background images, dash style, and the sphere stuff.  If and ONLY IF themes are Strong Signed (signed by the PIRS or LIVE keys) will it load the further details, such as models, friend’s backgrounds, extra images, etc.

    Le Fluffie will create any package (such as themes), but any theme is just a theme, no difference.  But only premium theme content is loaded when Strong Signed.  So you could certainly create Premium Themes but can only loaded from a Strong Signed package.  I have an option for Dev Kit PIRS and LIVE signing, but those are different than the stock Strong keys, they aren’t the same.

    HOWEVER, if you have a JTAG’ed Xbox, you can sign a package wif Dev Strong keys, it will work on that Xbox because the Strong Signed check is removed on it, so whatever is in the signature area would just be disregarded.

    So people just need to shut up about having a Console (CON) signed package, and don’t come to me being liek, OMGH4X, I haz one ^_~, upload the file and show me then.

    EDIT and PS:
    *If you want proof, you can take any Premium Theme, erase all Licenses (if any), make it profile and device transferable, and console sign it.  The Xbox will only read the default things (wallpapers, sphere, and dashstyle).

    Xbox 360 Security System

    2009 - 12.09

    Very interesting if you listen to it <3

    Banned Console Facts

    2009 - 11.24

    Well, it has come to my attention that a lot of the community doesn’t know about the facts about what happens when a console get’s banned.  Here’s the minor jist of it:

    Thanks to xorloser, I read up on his knowledge on how an Xbox obtains the banned list.  Every update, a list of banned consoles gets stored into the flash and everytime you connect to live, a small file is downloaded silently that contains any updates of newly banned consoles.

    When a console get’s banned, the console loses the ability to load content other than it’s own, not just getting kicked off Xbox Live.  Not only that, the content is locked to that console and can only be loaded from that one.

    The way foreign consoles check if the package was from a banned console is by reading the console ID in the STFS certificate, located at offset 2 from the beginning of the Certificate (Certificate starts at offset 4 of the package).  It then back checks that ID against the lists and if it is in there, it shows it as a corrupt package.  Need I remind you that this is after it checks the integrity of the header (checks the RSA signature). Then it checks if the License is set to null or it’s self (see below).

    The way the banned console checks if the package is it’s own is by going to that same method but not comparing it to the banned list, but instead, comparing it to the ID stored in the KV.  The next time it is accessed and signed, it sets an STFS License to that console ID.  An STFS License consists of 8 bytes long for the ID of the Licenses, 4 bytes int for info bits, and 4 bytes int for flags, it starts at 0x22C in the STFS header, and goes down to 0x32C, allocating for 0×10 Licenses.  The first License is always set to -1 if there are no Licenses needed (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF).

    So how do we fix that?  Simple, clear all Licenses, resign wif an unbanned Key Vault.  All you need to do, the content itself is unmodified so no need to “rehash.”

    I made a quick app that:
    *Clears the Licenses
    *Makes the save transferrable/workable on any profile/device
    *resigns using any KV (default KV in there is currently an unbanned one)
    This is just a lil sumtinsumtin I created so ya… open file, Yiff It, ready to go.
    Download (CLICK ME)